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Cub [EP02] is the second EP from Photostat Machine. Originally published on SoundCloud in 2010 the EP has been remastered.


released November 5, 2010

all words and music by Photostat Machine



all rights reserved


Photostat Machine UK

Synth / Electro Pop Band based in the DMV, USA / Edinburgh, UK.

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Track Name: Antony Gormley
Did you revitalise me?
Where’s your place in my memory?
What did you find when you searched for my body?
Did you install it in me?
Is it another place in my memory?
Who did you find?
Was it someone like me?

You are my angel, you are my blind light
I don’t understand, but it’s something I like
You are my angel, you are my blind light
Do I ask the wrong questions?
I just like to ask

Do you know your own image?
Does it feel anything like you?
Where did you go?
And was it material?
Do you know your own critics?
Do they feel it like you do?
What’s the critical mass?
Do you think it’s too much?

(Repeat chorus)

Did you make me an angel?
Where is my home in my memory?
Who did you find when you researched the body?
Will you make me your angel?
Is there more I can see?
Who did you find Antony Gormley?
Was it me?

I am an angel
I am the blind light
And it’s something I like
Track Name: I Start Counting
I start counting, look to the future
Look to nostalgia, look to nature

Say farewell to planet earth
And it’s pounding relentless rain

I am computer, book of numbers
Book of zeros, book of heroes

Say farewell to planet earth
And it’s pounding relentless rain

I am modern, I am modem, I am only two clicks away
Track Name: Mumbai Rising
From Mumbai to Shanghai
Take me via Tokyo
From London to L.A.
Down to Sao Paolo
Track Name: Asbury Park III
Drifted in on a wave of music
No-one saw him come in
No-one asked him any questions
About who he was and where he’d been

Wild horses couldn't drag him away
White horses didn't even try

The Stone Pony was always calling
From 4th Street beach not far away

It's ok
It’s alright
There's nothing here to fear tonight
Track Name: Asbury Park I [Bonus Track]
He wakes up with no shoes on his feet
Doesn't know where he is
He can hear the sound of aeroplanes
Doesn't know where he's been
He can't remember anything about himself
Doesn't know who he is
He can hear some voices singing in his head
Doesn't know who they are
They're singing

It’s ok, its alright
I'm going to sleep soundly tonight
It's ok, it's alright

He makes his way to the station
Doesn't know where to go
He finds a ticket in his pocket
Doesn't know how it got there
He gets the train bound for Asbury Park
Doesn't know where that is
He hears the voices singing louder and louder
Doesn't know why
But they're singing

It's ok, it's alright
I'm going to sleep soundly tonight
It's ok it's alright

Passing down the Jersey Shore Line
Counting the seconds 'til he gets off
Asbury Park is coming into view
And a smile spreads across his face
He's singing

I'm ok, I'm alright
I'm going to sleep soundly tonight
I'm ok I'm alright

He makes his way barefoot to the beach
Leaves his suit on a seat
Lets the sand play between his toes
And keeps walking.....
Track Name: Asbury Park II [Bonus Track]
Skimming over the ocean
Speeding in from the east
Crashing into the houses
Racing over the land

Somewhere between night and day
Somewhere between dark and light
Neither one thing nor the other
Here is where you'll find me

I've been away but I always return
Bringing everything back to life
Passing over the sleeping figures
Bringing warmth and bringing light

(Repeat chorus)

Saw something lying on the beach
Thought it looked just like a man
But as I moved in closer
Saw it was only clothing

(Repeat chorus)

Who’d leave a suit and not return?
Where was the man who left it there?
Where was the man who came to Asbury Park and disappeared?

I am home now
I am here
I have nowhere else to go now
I am here

(Repeat chorus)