by Photostat Machine

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Deadly is the fourth LP from Photostat Machine


released May 27, 2013

words and music by Photostat Machine



all rights reserved


Photostat Machine UK

Synth / Electro Pop Band based in the DMV, USA / Edinburgh, UK.

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Track Name: Not Even
There's a noise
Coming from inside
I hear voices
But I can't make out the words
Moving closer
I can feel the drumbeat
Cup my hands
But I can't see inside

We are here
We are fine
We are now
We're in time
We don't mind
We don't hate
We are love
We are fate
We are taking
The chance
To believe
In the power of
Making it happen

There's a door
And I'm pushing it open
There's a rush
And a feeling of calm
Moving further
I can see the shadows
They are moving
They are dancing in time

Here I stand
Alone but together
I don't know
But I feel understood
And the feeling
Is keeping us moving
There is nothing
Nothing quite like this
Track Name: Racehead
It's three o'clock
And I'm thinking of you
It's four o'clock
And I want to be home soon
It's five o'clock
And I can't see the moon
It's six o'clock
And I'm spinning to your tune

I've got my racehead on
I've got my visor down
And I am speeding in your slipstream
Closing in on you
And you know I love all you

It's seven o'clock
And I'm flying on ice again
It's eight o'clock
And I'm pacing through rough terrain
It's nine o'clock
And I look to the moon
It's ten o'clock
And I'm racing to see you soon
Eleven o'clock
And I can feel your gentle breath
Midnight hour
Is our time for one caress
Track Name: Fallen
Yesterday I was fallen
A hero in the making
A man on the edge
I felt like a nothing
With no purpose at all
I didn't resist

But now if you don't know
Then I won't go
We show the tiniest part
Of ourselves to the world

Today I am moving
A bulletproof mind
In a case made of glass
I know there's a reason
I can see pictures
I won't slip away

So now if you don't go
Then I won't show
We grow as fast
As the people around us allow

Tomorrow I'll be starburst
A thought or a smile
A shadow on the wall
I won't be mistaken
This is not forever
Breath on the wind

Somehow when we all go
We never know
We throw ourselves
Into things we can't comprehend

Yesterday I was fallen
Track Name: Deadly
If you feel your temperature is rising
If you're feeling hot to the touch
You can only feel the beating beating
Beating sun is burning
The beating sun is burning

Kiss me deadly
With blood red kisses
And white hot thrills
Kiss me kiss me kiss me deadly

If you feel you feel a breaking heartbeat
Holding on and you can feel the time
We will only sing and dance in rhythm
I will hold your eyes
We're synchronised in our time

If you see the moon on the horizon
You can feel the warmth of the sun
You can kiss me kiss me you possess me
Possess my bleeding heartbeat
The bleeding heart is beating
Track Name: The Relevance
Have you ever noticed
Sometimes the wisest words
Are seldom heard
They're spoken quietly
And you have to filter out the noise

Do you have the relevance?
Do you feel the way I feel?
It will make a difference
When you know the love is real

You've got to believe
That happiness will come
If you let it in
So open your heart
You've just got to filter out the noise

Don't get disheartened
Take all the time you need to get it right
It's there when you need it
So go on and filter out the noise
Track Name: Left Justified
Can you believe
In a life with two faces?
Stand on the right side
And be careful what you say
He says he loves you?
He may even mean it
I can't help you
Don't know how to feel it
Can you believe
In a life with two faces?
Stand on the right side
And be careful what you say

You say it's something to hold on to
To have and to hold
Something that's just for you
Does ascension wait to savour
Save her saviour?
Or baby, credits roll the movie's over?

Your love may hear that I apologise?
Your faith may show that I am justified?
I can't believe and I don't understand
When faith is greater than a faith in man

Can you believe
In a life with two faces?
Stand on the right side
And be careful what you say
He says he loves you?
He may even mean it
I can't help you
Don't know how to feel it

And when you told me
(There was nothing left for me)
I justified it (said it was right for me)
And when the morning is really breaking up
There was nothing left
(And that was right for us)

Stand to the left
I'm justified
Turn to the right
And I'm tongue-tied
Turn to the left
I'm justified
Stand to the right
I'm paralysed
Turn to the left
I'm justified
Turn to the right
And I'm battle tired
Turn to the left
I'm justified
Stand to the right
And close your eyes
Track Name: Inside #9
It’s what’s inside
That makes you light
(Light my way at night)
That makes you shine
(Shine the moon so bright)
And lifts my heart
And I’ll make
No apologies
For simple words
And sentiment
I don’t need (and don’t possess)
The poetry (to express)
With the depth of love
That grows inside of me

It’s what’s inside
That I can't see
That I can't touch
But I can feel
It’s what’s inside
Of you and me
(It's what’s inside)
Will never leave
Inside of me
Track Name: The Future Is Yellow
I'm hungry
I'm fresh fresh fresh
I'm up for a change for a change
Can see the future is bright
The future is yellow

And when it comes the time
For me to shine
You know my heart
Is on the line
I've done the time
Rode the Hill
And you can know
The future's yellow

I'm after you
I'm in pursuit pursuit
Are you watching the time my time
Telling you the future is mine
The future is yellow

We're standing here
To race for the truth truth truth
To hear us cheering you on
And until the future is gone
The future is yellow
Track Name: This Is The Night
Motion slow
Nothing long
Lights are low
Gentle flow
Moving on

This is a time for lovers
This is the night
This is the night for lovers
To lay down and die

Feeling high
Like when doves cry
Nothing wrong
Sun will rise
Curtains sigh
Moving on

A night like this
Is something precious
Take the time
Embrace the moment
Make the feeling
Last forever
On a night like this
Track Name: Blown
I knew as soon
As you walked out the door
It's something
I can no longer ignore
'Cos the heart wants
What the heart wants
And it wants love
And to beat in time with you

We can make our plans
We can take our time
But everything is blown by the wind

We know in life
There are no guarantees
The falling leaf
May land close to the tree
But you're here now
If only for now
And there's nothing else
More important to me right now

The spirit moves
To keep us safe from harm
Protecting us
And guiding to the calm
In the stillness
I will feel bliss
And we have love
And it soothes and warms the soul