by Photostat Machine

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[WL05] Space\Invaders is the fifth White Label release from Photostat Machine. It is a collectors edition of exclusive remixes to accompany the 2014 LP Staring Into Space, and related Space\ EPs.


released April 6, 2015

All words and music by Photostat Machine, except Protection [Midnight Parties] lyrics by Sylvie Hill (, @sylviehill).



all rights reserved


Photostat Machine UK

Synth / Electro Pop Band based in the DMV, USA / Edinburgh, UK.

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Track Name: Moonlight Starter [Summer Of Love]
I knew as soon
As I closed my eyes
This is where it started
Many days and
Many moons before
And I remember the dreams
I knew as soon
As I closed my eyes
Remember the dreams

As you warm and you soothe
We know where, we know who
Want to dance? Want to move?
In moonlight
Start to dance with me

I want this dance to
Last the rest of my life
This moon is where I've landed
With many days and
Nights to look to the sky
And wish on satellites

Remember the dream
Track Name: Unstrung [Undone]
I've been undone
Study 'til the end of summer
Then I'm gone

And if you hear this song
Think somethings wrong
Like the notes are wrong
The verse too long
Well I can't explain
It just is this way today

You may have felt this way
Maybe today
One of those days
And we can escape

So let me celebrate
All my broken strings today
Track Name: An Evening Out [Love Is...]
Everybody's getting ready
People rushing right outside
Taxis dashing to the others
One more time to get it right
Oh why did you
Try to make me happy?
I was happy being me

The pubs and clubs
Are very busy
People queueing right outside
Texts and phone calls
Tell the others
It's almost time to make it right
Oh why did I try to fight it?
Funny, it was funny 
At the time

Ooh can't you see? 
Love is all there is

The clock has counted
Down the hour
People stumble right outside
Strangers hugging
One another
Now's the time to get it right
Oh how did we
End up on the road
Just laughing?
Crazy, are we crazy
Being us?

Ooh can't you see?
Love is all there is
Track Name: Do Something [Dreamer]
Does anybody know the way
To feel the something you do?
Does anybody dream of space
And feel the same way you do?

Counting planets
And shooting stars
She knows there's more
She's travelled far
Look to the future
It's etched on her face
She's not just staring into space

She says
She lives the life she loves
(Is it a dream?)
And yes
She loves the life she lives

Does anybody look outside
And feel the same way you do?
Does anybody know
The things you've seen
And feel like you do?

Gleaming kitchen
And perfect lawns
Sparkling tiles
On perfect floors

She says
She lives the life she loves
(Is it a dream?)
And yes
She loves the life she lives
(Is it a dream?)

Does anybody have
The perfect home
The way that you do?
You never really know the people
Living next door do you?

Perfect hair and perfect smile
But no emotion behind those eyes

She says
She lives the life she loves
(Is it a dream?)
And yes
She loves the life she lives
(Is it a dream?)
Track Name: Interactive Spacedream [Invader]
Moons move in harmony
Satellites spin round me
Lunar movement's my thing

Say goodnight
Close your eyes
Say goodnight
Interactive spacedream

And I can talk to you
We can dance together
We can dance all night

And I can laugh with you
And we can drink together
Yeah we can drink all night

Singing my symphony
Melody surrounds me
Spacemate is my thing
Track Name: Chiamami [Cosmic]
If I hear you're
Coming back to me
I'll try I'll stay

If I hear you're
Coming after me
I'll lie in wait

You can be who you want
I will be what you aren't

It's dark out there
But I can see
And I can see you
It's cold out there
I don't need you to hang around

And when the shadows
Hide forgotten days
I'll know, I'll care
And If the shadows
Are your hiding place
I'll see you there

And when I listen
In the dark of night
I'll hear you breathe
And I'll wait
Until the morning light
For you to call 
Track Name: Protection [Midnight Party]
The guy in the back says nothing
Until it’s time to pour the whiskey
The girl pipes up
And she starts talking
Asks about the band
Where they’re from
And he says something

Don’t make them speak
Just pour the drinks
The only sign of friendship here
Is a “yes”

And she asks for a cigarette
And he offers protection

It’s been a long week in this town
Playing festival stages
So many new faces around
And the midnight parties
Have got him down
He thinks she’s stupid
And she thinks he might be dumb

Don’t make them speak
Just pour the drinks
The only sign of friendship here
Is a “yes”

And she puts out her cigarette
And he puts on protection

They stay closed as they get close
without their clothes on
No one opens hearts here
Just protection

Get it on
Get it on