Staring Into Space

by Photostat Machine

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[LP05] Staring Into Space is the fifth LP from Photostat Machine


released July 18, 2014

words, music and performance by Photostat Machine, except additional vocal performance on Peripherique by Sylvie Hill. (, @sylviehill)



all rights reserved


Photostat Machine UK

Synth / Electro Pop Band based in the DMV, USA / Edinburgh, UK.

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Track Name: Do Something
Does anybody know the way
To feel the something you do?
Does anybody dream of space
And feel the same way you do?

Counting planets and shooting stars
She knows there's more
She's travelled far
Look to the future
It's etched on her face
She's not just staring into space

She says she lives the life she loves
And yes, she loves the life she lives

Does anybody look outside
And feel the same way you do?
Does anybody know the things you've seen
And feel like you do?

Gleaming kitchen and perfect lawns
Sparkling tiles on perfect floors

She says she lives the life she loves
And yes, she loves the life she lives

Does anybody have the perfect home
The way that you do?
You never really know the people
Living next door do you?

Perfect hair and perfect smile
But no emotion behind those eyes

She says she lives the life she loves
And yes she loves the life she lives
Track Name: Chiamami
If I hear you're coming back to me
I'll try I'll stay

If I hear you're coming after me
I'll lie in wait

You can be who you want
I will be what you aren't

It's dark out there
But I can see
And I can see you
It's cold out there
I don't need you to hang around

And when the shadows hide forgotten days
I'll know, I'll care
And If the shadows are your hiding place
I'll see you there

And when I listen in the dark of night
I'll hear you breathe
And I'll wait until the morning light
For you to call 
Track Name: Interactive Spacedream
Moons move in harmony
Satellites spin round me
Lunar movement's my thing

Say goodnight
Close your eyes
Say goodnight
Interactive spacedream

And I can talk to you
And we can dance together
And we can dance all night

And I can laugh with you
And we can drink together
Yeah we can drink all night

Singing my symphony
Melody surrounds me
Spacemate is my thing
Track Name: I Can Never Be What You Want Me To Be
Broke the mould
But you can't put back the pieces
Now they're gone
Cos the pieces they don't fit back
How you want
But my head and my heart
Are in tact

Bought and sold
But you can't exchange this thing
For something else
No you can't just put this thing
Back on the shelf
Cos my head and my heart
Are in tact

Come on come on come on
What will it take to feel it?
Come on come on come on
What will it take to forgive?

Halfway home
But there's nothing here for me
To call my own
And there's nowhere left for you
To turn and run
So we stand, and we stare
Like we're lost

I don't know
How we let things get so far
From where we came
And we try to talk but words
Don't sound the same
But I see, in your eyes
All's not lost

Come on come on come on
What will it take to feel it?
Come on come on come on
What will it take to forgive?
Track Name: Reflecting
If I try to write a happy song
Well it just doesn't work like that
Today my mind is turned
To the love I have I'm scared to lose
So I'll sing it will never end
And hope it's the truth
I'm scared to lose I'll sing it will never end
And hope it's the truth

We'll turn the light on now
We'll keep it on somehow
No double decker bus
Is crashing into us
(And) I'll share my light with you
Stare into space with you
Our space will never cease
And peace

Another day another moment in time
And I've never felt quite so bright
It's reflection
I'm reflecting
It's what's inside
That makes you shine on me
And after number nine
An infinity
Track Name: Peripherique (featuring Sylvie Hill)
Life goes on, and on and on
Wheels go round, around
Tarmac, fumes, dust and rust
Fast and slow, camera clicks

Watch this space, staring
Flashing lights, sirens
Inner, outer, left and right
15 years in the making

Keep on moving, forward
Changing lanes, boulevard
Bridges, tunnels, night and day
Demolition, progression

When the sky is all around you
And the city steals the heat
You can always dance around me
If the world is at your feet
Watch me, move me
Take a seat

Take me back
Take me back to the start

\ Orleans \ Clignancourt
\ de la Villette \ Champerret
\ de Bagnolet \ d'Auteuil
\ Quai d'Issy \ Porte de Passy
\ Charenton \ Brancion
\ Doree \ Saint-Mande
\ Vincennes \ De la Pleine

Find the exit
Find the exit
Track Name: Moonlight Starter
I knew as soon as I closed my eyes
This is where it started
Many days and many moons before
And I remember the dreams
I knew as soon as I closed my eyes
Remember the dreams

As you warm and you soothe
We know where, we know who
Want to dance? Want to move?
In moonlight
Start to dance with me

I want this dance to
Last the rest of my life
This moon is where I've landed
With many days and
Nights to look to the sky
And wish on satellites

Remember the dream
Track Name: Strangers Like Us
The scrap yard shines in the evening sun
A diamond of dashed hopes fooling no-one
Stolen glances and nervous smiles
The train continues to cover the miles
A station scrolls right into view
Sparking a memory deep inside you
A picture postcard of a long goodbye
The train pulls away and you wonder why

Have you ever have you ever
Felt like this before?
Keep it knocking keep on knocking baby
On my door

The footsteps echo in the station hall
The dragging of wheels across the floor
You want to turn around to see if it's her
The sound stops dead with a slamming door
Your brain says 'move' but you cannot leave
Behind the door there's a frightening scene
The sound of something trying to get free
The door flies open and you try to scream

The memory engulfs you
And you fall to the ground
You hear her voice
A familiar sound
Time to wake up now
Repeats in your head
Your eyes stay closed
As you're frozen with dread
Moments later
There's a touch on your arm
A soothing voice
The sound of calm
The journey has ended
You blink in the light
A memory fading
From the longest night
Track Name: Unstrung
I've been undone
Study 'til the end of summer
Then I'm gone

And if you hear this song
Think somethings wrong
Like the notes are wrong
The verse too long
Well I can't explain
It just is this way today

You may have felt this way
Maybe today
One of those days
And we can escape

So let me celebrate
All my broken strings today
Track Name: An Evening Out
Everybody's getting ready
People rushing right outside
Taxis dashing to the others
One more time to get it right
Oh why did you
Try to make me happy?
I was happy being me

The pubs and clubs
Are very busy
People queueing right outside
Texts and phone calls
Tell the others
It's almost time to make it right
Oh why did I try to fight it?
Funny, it was funny 
At the time

Ooh can't you see? 
Love is all there is

The clock has counted
Down the hour
People stumble right outside
Strangers hugging
One another
Now's the time to get it right
Oh how did we
End up on the road
Just laughing?
Crazy, are we crazy
Being us?

Ooh can't you see?
Love is all there is